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Gifted™ Custom Art


​​​​​​​​​Team Building Suggestions:

* Getting Your Team Involved - Brainstorm.

* Pick a Theme That Aligns With Your Team's Value.

* List Key Words, Products or Phrases That Relate To Your Goals.

​* Send Us Any Pictures That Relate To Your Idea.

   ​(Our artist staff is always here to help!)​


* Choose from our 2-hr Adult Paintings 

   -Each person paints 1 selected painting on their own canvas.

   -Enlarge 1 painting and everyone paints a portion of that painting

    on a group of 10-15 canvases.



* Our studio can accommodate 32 in the larger studio and 12 in the

​   smaller studio.

* We can also bring the fun for your corporate event to your location of

   choice within 10 miles of our studio.  Charge may apply for additional        milage.


* Cost will vary based on painting selection.  Please call 727.710.5394 

   or fill out the form on the right.




​​​​Corporate events don't alway have to be

about "winning" or boring lectures. 


They are the perfect opportunities for

your employees to let loose a bit and for you to

reward them for their hard work and success.

​A "Paint Party" is a new and more relaxing

approach that can be enjoyed by "everyone" during

a corporate event.

Communication - Motivates Employees 

Develops Problem Solving Skills

​Promotes Creativity - Facilitates Better Communication

Overall, team building in the workplace enables open communication,

better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.