Canvas with painted edges

Black framed canvas

II Heart Corky Art - Paint and Sip

Palm Harbor, FL

 Q: Can I bring food?

 A: Yes, feel free to bring in snacks or appetizers to enjoy  while you are painting.

 Q: What types of beverages can I bring?

 A: Beer or Wine or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

 Q: Will you have bottle openers and cups
 A:  Yes, we provide cork screws, glass stemware and ice to

 chill your bottle.

 Q: Do I need reservations?
 A: Reservations are definitely preferred so we can arrange  for staff and have all of your supplies set up and ready for  your arrival. 


 Q: Do you have private parties?

 A: Yes.  We can host a private party for any occasion.  Go to  our Private Parties page.  You can also contact us by email  (info@iheartcorkyart.com or call 727.710.5394 for more  information.

 Q: Do I have to be 21 to attend a painting session?

 A: No, however, you must be at least 14 and accompanied  by an adult if you are 14 - 17 yrs old to attend an event  designated for adults. Note: You must be 21 with a legal ID  to consume alcohol on the premises.

 We also have designated painting events for children:

 "Corky Kid's" - ages 5 and up

 "Family" - ages 10 and up

 Q: Do I take my painting home?
 A:  Yes, your masterpiece is yours to take home at the end  

 of your class.

 Q: Is my purchase information secure?

 A: Yes, look at the top left of your address line and you will  see a "lock" symbol.  The "s" in "https://" also means it's  secure.


 Q: Are there restrictions on discounts?

 A. Yes, only one (1) discount type can be applied to a class  or event.  If we have already discounted a class that equals  one (1) discount.  


 Q: Am I suppose to tip my art instructor?

 A: Tipping is not required and certainly not expected.

However, if you feel the instructor is doing a great job, by all

means, feel free to show your appreciation. Tipping jar will

be available.

​ Q: Can I get a refund or cash for my Gift Certificate?
A: No. A Gift Certificate has no cash value and can only

be used to towards a class (see exceptions below).

Q: What are the restrictions on the use of a Gift

A: It cannot be used on the following events: Private Parties,

Off-Site Events, Fundraisers (including Paint Your Pet) &


Q: How do I register for a class on line with my Gift

A1: If purchased prior to 6/20/15 it is valid for a 2 or 3 hour

-select the class you want to attend
-enter your personal information
-enter the gift certificate # as a
promotion code

A2: If purchased after 6/20/15
  a. On Line Paper Copy-Use the gift card # in the top right

corner, including the dash (ex: 1111-1111)

​ -enter the gift certificate # as a gift certificate code

(Ex: $100 Gift Card )
Visit 1 - Attend $35 Class ($65 remaining on Gift Card)

Visit 2 - Attend $45 Class ($20 remaining on Gift Card)
Visit 3 - Attend $35 Class ($0 remaining on Gift Card)

(you pay additional $15 on class)​

b. Credit Card Style- Call 727.710.5394 for reservations

A3: Complimentary Gift Certificates: please call for

reservations at 727.710.5394. Complimentary Gift
Certificates have no cash value and are only valid for a 2

hour paint class for 1 painter.

Q: Can I purchase a Gift Certificate at a discount price?
A: Yes, occasionally we offer BOGO'S. The BOGO (free card)

card has restrictions.


 Q: What time should I arrive?

 A: Our doors will be open 20 minutes before class.  Arriving  15-20 minutes prior to class will give you enough time to get  checked in, have drinks uncorked, visit with friends and ready  for your paint class.


 If you are attending a "Corky Kids" class showing up 10

 minutes prior is plenty of time so the kids don't get restless.

 Q: What should I wear?
 A: Wear comfortable clothing. We provide cover up aprons to  all students.  Since accidents may happen, wear clothing  that you don't mind getting a little paint on.

 Q: What should I bring?
 A: All you need to bring is your creativity!  We provide all art  supplies: 16" x 20" canvas, paints,  brushes and easels. 

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy for a pubic      paint parties?


 We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for cancellations.  This  allows us the opportunity to fill the space.  Thank you for  your understanding.

 Cancellation Notice:

 1) Call 727.710.5394

 2) Email: info@iheartcorkyart.com

 A: 24 hours or more prior,  we offer the option to reschedule   a new class or a 100%   refund.  


 B: Less than 24 hours  we  offer the option to reschedule

 within the next 60 days.

 C: No Shows - no redunds or credit. 

 D: See Private Events for that cancellation/refund policy.

 Q: Are we a franchise?

 A: No, we are not a Franchise.  We are a family owned and  

 operated.  We are a local  business and our art is done by  talented and creative local artists.

 When  you visit us you are shopping "small".  You are  also  giving both the seasoned artist and new talent the ability to  thrive.  Thank-you.

 Q: How do I purchase a BOGO?

 A: Make a reservation for two (2) and add the discount

 promtion code provided.  The code will reduce your total by

 1/2.  Purchases must be done in multiples of 2's (4, 6, 8..)

 Note: Please include all names in the "attendee" field.

 Q: Do you sell picture frames?

 A:  Yes.  You have two options. 1) Paint the edges of  your  canvas and hang as is - it looks great.  (or)  2) Purchase a  wood frame that will make your  painting "pop". 

 See example below.

34286 US Hwy 19 N

​Palm Harbor, Fl 34684