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Summer Camp Arts And Crafts 

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Week 11 Aug 6   

 Something Old Into Something New- It's all about experimenting

with your creativity using up-cycle items.

Tinkering, sculpting, painting and sewing to create visual art.


 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WEEK 1 May 29th 

Sculptures &  Collages - Spark your imagination through the use of clay, paper, wire & more.  The sky is the limit for your self-expression with 3-D art.

WEEK 6 July 2
Nature Inspired Art (Green) - We’ll take advantage of nature's most beautiful craft supplies: rocks, branches, leaves, pine cones, etc.  Kids will combine traditional art and craft techniques by using material from our

our natural world.

WEEK 2 June 4

Impressionist Artists - Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh

Degas and more! The impressionist artists were not trying to paint a realistic picture, but an ‘impression’ of what the person, object or landscape looked

like to them.

WEEK 7 July 9 

Clever Painting Tools - We’ll use everything except a paint brush to create our art.  Oh my!  How about feathers, your thumb, bubble wrap, etc.  It will be exciting and fun.  Maybe messy!

WEEK 3 June 11

Sketching & Painting -  Students will first learn the basic principles of sketching, including shape, form, line, value, color, space and more.  Classes will have instructions that allow kids to sketch their interests. 

Water color or acrylic will be 

used on the final sketch.

Week 8 July 16

Printmaking - Kids will plan and create their own visions onto paper, textiles & other surfaces.  Printmaking is the process of producing multiple “originals” of an original artwork onto a surface.

WEEK 4 June 18

Florida Critters Big & Small -  We will explore the beauty of our “critters” using a variety of mediums to create various art pieces.

WEEK 9 July 23

Textile and Surface Designs - A week to design and personalize wall hangings with the use of weaving & fabrics.  A great week to hang out for fun!

Week 5 June 25


Pop Art - We’ll journey into modern art playing with bright colors and simple bold everyday items.  Kids will be able to design their own ideas of

modern day pop art.

WEEK 10 July 30


Multiculture Art - Get ready to discover art from around the world!  We’ll make cool creations as you learn more about the world and people around you.


Class Session = 1 or more Full Week(s)
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm
Fee: $125 Full Week

Each Additional Family Camper Fee: $115*

Preferred Method of Payment - Cash or Personal Check

Fee is $5 a week higher if using a Credit Card

Week of May 29th 4 day fee is $100, $92

Week of June 25th 3 day fee is $75, $69

Week of July 5th 4 day fee is $100, $92

Attend All 11 Weeks and Get 10% OFF* 

Only 1 Discount Per Family*

Drop in Artists
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm
Fee: $30 Per Child For One Full Day (includes materials)

Preferred Method of Payment - Cash or Personal Check
Fee is $5 a week higher if using a Credit Card
Space available basis only

Sorry, No Extended Care Is Available

All registration forms need to be completed prior to attending

 Artist brings a nutritious bag lunch 

1 drink & a morning snack 
Labeled Water Bottle

​"Corky Kids"

Summer Art Classes

Our Mission:

To Bring Out The Best In Your Child By Introducing New Art Experiences.

Our Summer Art Classes will provide a safe, fun and creative environment

for school age children.  We will do everything possible to 

make your child’s experience exceptional!

We will provide a variety of activities that appeal to each individual child.   Weekly class themes will include recycling, animals, nature, self esteem and more.

In addition your child's activities will focus on creative thinking, physical development and social/emotional development. 

 We will be using a variety of visual art mediums including:

Acrylic Paints, Clay, Water Colors, Pencils, Markers, Textiles And More!

Dates May 29 -Aug 10

Ages 6-12, Small Class Size

9:00am - 1:00pm Day Program

All Art Materials Included With Fees